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Videogame technology has in recent years been adapted for purposes beyond entertainment. Recently, the military took steps to employ the technology for computing and analysis. On December 1, 2010, the U.S. Air Force unveiled the “Condor Cluster,” a supercomputer made of more than 1,700 processors taken from PlayStation 3 video game consoles, and designed by military scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York.

Richard Linderman, a senior scientist in the advanced computing laboratory at AFRL, conceived the concept for the Condor Cluster. Linderman recognized the cutting-edge nature of the computer and video game industry's powerful yet affordable microprocessors, and challenged hiscolleagues to develop a military application. By effectively adapting the technology that created some of the most realistic and visually stunning games, the Condor Cluster calculates an impressive 500 trillion operations per second. This is the fastest interactive computer currently in use at the Department of Defense (DoD).

According to Air Force officials, the Condor Cluster is 10 to 20 times less expensive than similar supercomputers used by the U.S. government. Officials also said it consumes less than one-tenth the amount of energy, making it a "green" supercomputer. The new system will be freely available to all DoD users on a shared basis. With a diverse set of capabilities, the initial projects scheduled for the Condor Cluster include analyzing high-resolution imagery captured by satellites, artificial intelligence research, radar and image enhancement, and pattern recognition research.

The use of computer and video game technology has already expanded into the fields of education and healthcare, and the Condor Cluster is another example of the innovative possibilities and broad applications of computer and video game technology.

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Rabu, 13 April 2011


The Ultimate “X-Ray” Machine for Military Use.

Possibly this spring our military will be using what could be the finest handheld X-Ray equipment they have seen. This small little ‘gadget’ allows its user to see through walls that are 12 inches thick and made of concrete!



This is a Northern America military mobile phone that acquired three high strengths. The strengths include a high waterproof, dustproof, popular brands, anti-pressure function, in rainy, humid, dusty, and harsh environment such as abnormal climbing, adventure, hiking, and other special occasions. Suit for people always get into outdoor activities.

The materials are high qualities of strength and toughness of rigid plastic, and the surface of the mobile used TUP military Black soft plastic. The phone is equipped with the special display, it won’t easily get scratch and blurred. Moreover, it has two speakers which can provide very loud tones, in time for the loud site that loud ringtones can also be heard. Its dimension of 120mm x 54mm x 23.5mm, weighs 160g. Spontaneously, it reveals with a strong sense of military.

Its seal level to the international military-standard IP-57 level which can achieve the depth of 1 meter underwater with 30 minutes without any water immersion phenomenon. Even more, it can withstand a strong impact of repeated drops from 2 meters height to cement without any damage.

Consists of GPS positioning and navigation, track record, a key inter-regional global intercom, multi-electronic sensor, electronic compass, compass, air temperature, altimeter, high-light flashlight and other specialized functions.

Have a powerful anti-rolling performance, can withstand 1.5 tonnes of vehicles rolling.

Source : M 8 COOL


Selasa, 12 April 2011


Military notebook as a gadget that is used for a variety of terrain and weather conditions of course have a particular specification that is not the same as in general notebok

Special Features

* Customization or expansion space for the Greater flexibility customization or expansion space for greater flexibility
* Certified to MIL-STD 810F & IP54 Certified to MIL-STD 810F & IP54
* Certified to MIL-STD 461E for EMI Certificates of MIL-STD 461E for EMI
* Rain, dust, vibration, and shock resistant design rain, dust, vibration, and shock resistant design
* Built-in heater for -20 ° C operating temperature Built - 20 on heating to operating temperature C
* 1 GB Built-in Mini PCI LAN card 1 GB Built-in Mini PCI LAN card
* Sealed ports and connector covers Sealed ports and connector cover
* Wireless capabilities Wireless capability
* Standard DVI Output DVI Output Standards
* Military connector Military connectors
* Magnesium casing (Military Green) Magnesium casing (Military Green)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4MB L2 cache
Memory: 1GB, up to 4GB of 667MHz DDR2 DRAM
Storage: Removable 2.5 "SATA Shock-mounted 160GB HDD Standard (upgradeable) DVD-ROM standard interchangeable exchanged with other components
Display: LCD 15.1 "XGA (1024 x 768) Anti-Reflective Sunlight Readable TFT LCD 15.1" SXGA (optional)
Video Controller: Integrated 32-bit 3D/2D gfx core with 224MB shared RAM Integrated 32-bit 3D/2D GFX core with 224MB shared RAM Audio: Audio: Built-in AC97 16-bit stereo sound card and speakers
Standard Keyboard 87-key standard, non-backlit
Operating System: Windows Vista ® Business (2GB memory upgrade is recommended for the Vista ® XP downgrade. The options available)
Casing: Magnesium Magnesium (Military Green)

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